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The Making Of A Story Tiller

July 17, 2023

It’s 1985 and I have writers block. My 9 year old self is scratching my head. I am sitting at the breakfast table opposite my mum. She is trying to to be patient but I see the signs. She wants me to describe what’s in my cereal bowl.

To begin at the beginning, I have Mrs Briggs to thank for setting this story in motion. At the start of the school year she handed out orange text books. “These are for YOUR stories,” she said with a smile.

But my favourite ‘stories’ were already written. Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, What Katy Did Next - shining on the shelf above my bed. I was a reader - a total bookworm - stories were my joy.

Yet, when it came to writing my head was empty. Adjectives mocked me, similes vexed me and metaphors made me sad. So it came to be that I was sat there staring at my breakfast bowl.

“What do you see Tess?” my mum asks. I’m looking at the dregs of my cereal - what should I say? “Describe it to me” she pressed.

On the spot, I felt nervous, “Milky pools?” I volunteered. Her eyes brightened, “OK, what else?” Gosh, this was painful, “Umm, magic halos.” She was almost buzzing, “Great! What else?” I was grabbing at straws, “A spoon, silvery like the moon.” She clapped her hands, “Yes Tess, you’re doing it!”

There’s nothing better than pleasing your mum - her happiness lights up a room. I was left with a biscuit, juice and the challenge to write more. And so I did, I wrote and I wrote as my mum worked around me.

As the sun shone, I scribed my story of The Magic Pen. A mischievous pen, that broke rules wherever it went. Do you know what I found? I found that, if I thought less and wrote more, I COULD write.

Days later, when I got my story back from Mrs Briggs, my heart leapt. There on the page was a star and the words, ‘A magical story Tess.’ And so, the reader became the writer. I shall always thank my mum for helping me to find my writing verve.

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